It’s quite easy to take a great many things for granted here in the United States. Often it’s a journey to another place and what feels like another time that reminds us what we have and what others do not. Jen and I found ourselves in Tegucigalpa, Honduras last week as we’ve been given the opportunity to tell the unforgettable story of a very unique organization. Hope for the City is an organization that locates corporate surplus (food, medical equipment, basic staples) and delivers it to those who need it the most. Many of these items would otherwise be destined for the landfill, despite the fact that what’s being cast aside is far from garbage. We followed the story of a container of medical equipment (beds, CT scanner, incubators) through Hope for the City’s program and into Hospital Escuéla in Tegucigalpa. Along the way we met some unforgettable people and saw some things that refreshed our perspective on a great many things, including how truly fortunate we are to not have to choose between food or medicine. Not everyone has that luxury. As is often the case when returning from an international trip, we find ourselves looking around our home and daring ourselves to live more simply. We feel fortunate to have returned with images of a beautifully vibrant city and a remarkably hopeful people.