Jallikattu is one of the most ancient living sports still being practiced in the modern era. This is the taming of the bulls, Tamil style. According to legend, Tamil warriors back in the 3rd century B.C. would practice jallikattu with the women of the village observing from on high. Successful matadors found themselves being chosen as grooms by the village’s most respected and beautiful women. While this tradition has evolved through the years, the basic concept remains intact. Bull taming is still done for prestige – as well as for prizes worth risking a bull horn in the most unpleasant of places. We were fortunate enough to witness this Jallikattu earlier this year in a village just outside of Madurai, India called Alanganallur. Bravery, pride and dust hung thick in the air as these gentlemen carried forward a 2300 year old tradition that has been met with controversy in recent years. Despite threats to ban the practice indefinitely, many believe the tradition will never be lost. It’s embedded deep in a culture that holds tight to many rich and colorful rituals and as a wise man told us in Tamil Nadu, “When it comes to technology, newest is greatest – but when it comes to tradition, oldest is greatest.” By this measure, we may hope that Jallikattu will be with us for many years to come.